Great Barrir Reef Dive tour 2/20~25/2020

EastDive のスタッフと一緒にオーストラリア・グレートバリアリーフに行きましょう。2020年2/20日~25日で開催決定!
​LIVE BOARD (11ダイブ)とは2泊3日で大型母船に滞在し3日間でナイトダイブを含む計11ダイブをお楽しみいただけます。

EastDive Staff well together in the Great Barrier Reef dives tour / Departure From Narita at 20th Feb 2020 for Cairns . Return to from Cairns at 25th Feb 2020 for Narita. 3days 2 night Live Board included 11 dives and all meals whilst on board and stay hotel 2 nights more .
This seazon so warm in under water at GBR its very good for diving trip.
Please ask about schedules , tourcost detail for us ( its possible paticipation nember 6 parson )