Tim-san, Melissa, Nicole, Lauren, Thank you for join

It was good week end tim-sans family with me went Open water diver training at west izu peninsula ! there great experience this time first try ocean dive , but we already practice pool section every one is good work and enjoyed under water . dive course  in and out 2days continue 4dives over night at peninsula !

There look very good like diver already , tim-sans family is come japan about year ago he’s woking in japan american   big company more staying japan 2or3 years he’s study speaking japanese to head . i will tell him same japanese but only funny talk it . and he’s 3 daughter join the course also he’s wife jody-san come only stay over night .

We enjoyed japanese dinner at Rokan same good food Sashimi, tempura, BBQ , many kind of japanese . everyone has good toking and wonderful time . after finish dinner 9pm go the sleep. good job first day !

Ocean training 2nd day was very good condition in water and weather . underwater temperature 22C Vis 5-8m there   are good diving and take citification . Tim-san, Melissa, Nicole, Lauren, Thank you for join our program and Congratulations your new diver , please keep continue scuba diving your self ,