congratulations to all!









Last weekend they all passed IE! in okinawa base.
Congratulations to all!
Im very proud of The best performed well.
Introduction from it is glad message.

Today we all passed our IE! Isn’t that great!!
Iwant to thank you for all
your mentoring and instruction. Without your help we
could not have done it!
It was hard but all of us passed the exam!
Thank you so much!


I want to also express my appreciation for the guidance and support
during the past few months. Because of your training, we knew what to
expect from the IE and consequently everything went very well. The
weather did not cooperate and we have very rough conditions during the
open water portion and rescue simulation, but we all performed well,
which is a reflection on how you trained us.

Thanks again,


I’d like to echo what Jeremy & Kevin have said. We are all very proud
of our accomplishment, and realize that we couldn’t have done as well as
we did without your support, assistance, and high standards in our
Thank you again for all of your help.

Stephanie M. Stroup